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2018 Seattle Cannabis Freedom March

The Seattle Cannabis Freedom March was established in 1999 by cannabis activists in Washington. Freedom marches are held in hundreds of cities throughout the world.

Many may ask why this march is still necessary in a state with legal recreational consumption.

Unfortunately, there are still numerous issues that have left cannabis users without critical options in the state such as growing your own medicine and consuming legally in apartments and hotels, without reasonable options for a safe legal location to consume.

In addition to these limitations, there are still incarcerated individuals on antiquated marijuana laws in many parts of the country that need to be freed and allowed to breath free air.

Speakers throughout the day


Merch to support the event


Place to rest in the shade


Time for a smoke break


Legendary Hempfest volunteer service dog Petey


Miggy from WeedNew.co talking shop with Kristin with Voices Of The Cannabis War


Seattle Freedom March Event Coordinator Melissa on the left


Golden Toads kicking off the music


Absolutely true


BlazingWashington.com will be diving into issues inside Washington’s, the national and the international cannabis movement.

Please check back for interviews and more events around the fight for worldwide cannabis legalization.

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