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27 Dynamic Industry Professionals BlazingWashington.com had the Honor to Blaze with in 2018

The Washington cannabis industry is filled with interesting individuals from underfunded one-person operations to heavy hitters making 8 figure deals.

BlazingWashington.com reemerged in early 2018 after a nine-month retooling period with the goal of networking with high-caliber movers and shakers in the industry.

We will take a look back in alphabetical order with Washington industry professionals that BlazingWashington shared our plant in one form or another throughout the year.

The Dab Doctor performing his craft with a smile at the Lyon Pride Long Beach Rehab Tour – J and M Café – Seattle


David Rheins – MJBA on far right in Oklahoma with Miggy 420 and Patrick Saint


A nice little circle with David Tran – Dope Magazine far right at the Fall Washington Weed Golf Classic with Smoky Point Productions, American Hash Makers and Cannabis City Glass and Gear


An old school picture from BlazingSeattle.com of Canfinder’s D.J. from a 2017 event in Ballard. BlazingWashington was lucky to be able to blaze with D.J. at several events throughout 2018.


Effie – Sticky Budz a two time veteran of BlazingWashington.com bus events at the Cannabis City Glass and Gear Pride Kickoff event


Tacoma’s dearly departed Grizzly at the Super Trooper event. Grizzly was an integral part of Lyon Pride Music and a contributor to the music scene in many capacities including event host, security, and radio.


Always a blast to hang out with Heidi and Ian – Grasshopper Hub in green and purple on right


Jake The Professor at Hemp Fest Seattle rocking a glorious beard and Curved Papers swag


Julia – Cannabis Alliance in charge of a critical resource


Rapidly rising Respect My Region’s Joey and Taylor at a Cannabis Alliance Party


Kriss Brooks – Pilot Farms dabbing out Gary


Levi Lyon – Lyon Pride Music in the middle on the right is not a stoner like the rest of us, but once every few months he will join in the festivities


The Lim Brothers – The High Rollerz bringing serious ammo at the BlazingWashington.com Twista Bus Event


Mark – Mad Mark Farms taking a break from his growing and marketing empire at the Long Beach Rehab Tour Seattle


Miggy420 – Weednews.co at the Westlake Freedom March


Neal Lequia – Cannabis City Glass and Gear making new friends at a tour at Pilot Farms, Tacoma


Patrick Saint – Twenty22Many battling in the trenches against our nation’s most horrific crisis


Scott Mckinley – Hi Tunes with Timothy Edwards and a new shipment of CBD sticks


BlazingWashington did not get the proper picture, but it was a blast blazing with Shawn at the Washington Bud Company Pink Champagne launch party


Spencer – Canfinder dabbing out a performer at the Cannabis City Glass and Gear Pride Kick-off event


Timothy Edwards – Cannabis Saves Lives on left at the Twista Meet-n-Greet


Tiffany – Sticky Budz giving Gary P. a hand with a fatty


Tracy – Washington Weed Golf Classic getting tucked in for a nap after a long day of crushing one of the top events of the year


Wyatt – III Kings always bringing a great vibe and a nice selection of goodies


An immense thanks to all who helped 2018 be a year of true growth and development.

Every conversation, every word of encouragement and every action of support is truly appreciated.

BlazingWashington is looking forward to expanding throughout the industry with many sessions with both new and old friends in the near future.

Keep your eye on BlazingWashington.com for more events, starting with a book launch party at the Northwest Cannabis Club on January 19th.

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