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420 Fashion Week – Smokers Society

Originally published on Blazing Seattle.com, April 21st, 2017.

420 Fashion Week hosted by Smokers Society brought together a line-up of rappers from the local area and other parts of the country.

An excited group of fans and rappers took part in an amazing night of celebrating music, fashion, creativity, and friendship.

Lucky guests received a copy of the recently published edition of Hemp Life Magazine.

Early birds getting ready for the show


DJ Savvy Smith ready for a long list of performances


Prophet Jay on the right about to start if off


Cashayye reaching for her dreams


Rappers Moody and WheresAwill from Chicago bringing intense energy, skills and an awesome “fuck you Trump hat”


Outside shenanigans, unfortunately, leading to missing a few acts


C-Zar from Kankakee south of Chicago


Rappers and fans getting together for a shot


A couple members of the band Northern Shakedown making me wonder why I became a writer and not a musician


Fans and multiple members of Smokers Society


Rappers learning about Dicks, Seattle’s most awesome late night munchie spot          

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