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The Blazing Times Advertising Info/Pricing

The Blazing Times has been suspended due to lack of ability to facilitate the event side of BlazingWashington and a new publication at this time. The goal has been set to re-calibrate and relaunch The Blazing Times when structurally sound down the road.


January Advertising Info/Prices

Front Page

Ad Width Height Pricing Sample
Small Ad 1.82” 2.02” $100

Size is similar to the featured articles boxes on launch edition

3/8 Page 9.75” 6.06” $350

Most visible spot on paper


2nd – Backpage

Ad Width Height Pricing Sample
Small Ads 1.82” 2.02” $75 
1/2 Page  Vertical 2 Columns 3.80” 8.08” $175
Vertical Banner 2 columns 3.80” 15” $225
Vertical Banner 3 columns 5.79” 15” $300
1/8 Page Ad 9.75” 2.02” $125
1/4 Page Ad 9.75” 4.04” $175
1/2 Page Ad 9.75” 8.08” $300
Full Page Ad 9.75” 16” $420

Classified Ad Section:

The Blazing Times will be beta testing a Classified Ad section for employment, glass, events, services, and more. Includes 50 words and small logo/image – $50, second month free for entities participating in beta test.


Ad Design Note:

Sizes are slightly rounded up.

The Blazing Times is 17” x 10.75” with 1/2” margins on each side.


Graphic Design:

The Blazing Times can create your advertisement for a $50 graphic design fee.



15% Original Advertiser

Entities that advertise with our January edition will retain this discount for lifetime and lock in the above rates for one year.

15% Veteran Owned Business (can be stacked on top of the OA discount for 30% total off).



December 13th – Graphic Design

December 20th – Payment



January edition papers will be in stores for a full 30 days from approximately January 7th to February 7th.

Prices are for a one-month placement in the January edition, BlazingWashington is currently only making one-month advertising deals.


Distribution: The Blazing Times is currently in 39 stores with the goal of 50 by end of November and 100 stores by end of January.

Launch Edition: 2,000 copies distributed

January Edition: 5,000 copy distribution goal


Please contact jcohen@blazingwashington.com for more information and to reserve your original advertiser ad space.

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