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Awesome Pre-420 Visit To Portland

BlazingWashington.com rolled into Portland for festivities leading up to our beloved 420 holiday.

A series of events at the NW Cannabis Club led Blazing Washington.com to the city.

Check out articles from The Most Epic Event and Member Appreciation Night.

The goal was to explore the city while discovering facets of the local 420 industry.

Beautiful day to relax by the waterfront


Portland going through a growth spurt


Serra cannabis store can be found in a perfect location downtown


Elegant store with plenty of options


Famous Voodoo Donuts


Powell’s Books is so massive it takes up a whole city block


Food trucks and carts can be found all over Portland


Deer crossing!


Lovely parks


Zion Cannabis near Portland State University


BlazingWashington.com spent a lot of time at the NW Cannabis Club
With pre-stops at the Terpene Station


Unlike Washington, Oregon stores can allow customers a nice whiff


Ladies stocking plenty of ammo for a long night


Painters blazing while taking lessons


Come visit Seattle if you really want to see weird


How BlazingWashington.com feels about Portland


BlazingWashington.com needed to depart on the morning of 4/20 to head back to Olympia.

The goal will be to return to beautiful Portland within a month, continue documenting the local 420 scene, and to spend more time exploring the dynamic city.

Please check back for future coverage of both Portland and Washington’s cannabis industries.

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