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BlazingWashington.com Launches In-Store Cannabis Culture Newspaper – The Blazing Times

The Blazing Times has been suspended due to lack of ability to facilitate the event side of BlazingWashington and a new publication at this time. The goal has been set to re-calibrate and relaunch The Blazing Times when structurally sound down the road.

In early April, BlazingWashigton.com made the decision to take a six-month break from the public side of the industry and retool behind the scenes. The idea for a monthly newspaper to capture the positive stories behind the industry was turned in to a reality with the launch of The Blazing Times in late October.

The Blazing Times will be covering farms, people, brands, stores, events, festivals, music, activism, influencers, issues, and much more.

We officially will go to a monthly edition in January. Throughout November and December, we will prepare for the first monthly edition along with marketing, advertising, and distribution logistics.

Pick up a copy in the following stores. We are currently in 39 stores with the goal to increase to 50 by the end of November and into 100 stores by the end of January.

Grab a copy of The Blazing Times on the bottom of the rack at Fremont’s Satori



The Joint

Kush 21



Commencement Bay Cannabis




Bud Stop

420 Carpenter

Euphoric 360



THC Olympia

Green Lady Marijuana

Gypsy Greens

Green Lady Westside



Western Bud

Evergreen Market – North

Buddy’s Cannabis



Cannabis City – Sodo

Dockside – Sodo

The Reef – Capital Hill

The Joint – U-District

American Mary – Wallingford

Herbn Elements – Lake City

Glass + Grass – 145th/15th NE

Greenside Recreational – 97th  N. Aurora

Satori – Fremont

The Pot Shot – Westlake



III Kings



365 Recreational



World of Weed

Commencement Bay Cannabis

Emerald Leaves

Mary Mart

Diamond Green

420 Tacoma

Tacoma House of Cannabis

Zips Cannabis



420 Capital


White Center 

Star International Marijuana


Mr. O.G.

Uncle Ikes

Budtenders at the World of Weed in Tacoma with a copy of The Blazing Times


Keep up the development of The Blazing Times on both BlazingWashington.com and Instagram @BlazingWashington.

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