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Canfinder Social – LTD Bar + Grill, Fremont

Originally published on Blazing Seattle.com, April 17th, 2017.

The Seattle cannabis industry and many 420 fans came together for an incredibly fun event hosted by Canfinder.

Canfinder is the go-to app for finding cannabis stores and network to join industry players, plus marijuana lovers on an interactive community stream.

Canfinder hostesses ready for a fun evening


Just a little tease of what about is to happen


Booze in the front…


The Lyon Pride Media Cannabus perfectly positioned in the back


Canfinder’s Kushman Bonglegs


Everybody all smiles


A sponsorship break with Respect My Region.com


Dude busting out half-ounce joint of awesomeness


Canfinder rep showing us how to do it


This Canfinder member needs the biggest joint ashtray known to humankind


Download the Canfinder app to join in future parties, locate weed stores and fun times on their community stream


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