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The Blazing Times Advertising Info/Pricing

THE BLAZING TIMES January Advertising Info/Prices Front Page Ad Width Height Pricing Sample Small Ad 1.82” 2.02” $100 Size is similar to the featured articles boxes on launch edition 3/8 Page 9.75” 6.06” $350 Most visible spot on paper   2nd – Backpage Ad Width Height Pricing Sample Small Ads 1.82” …

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BlazingWashington.com Launches In-Store Cannabis Culture Newspaper – The Blazing Times

In early April, BlazingWashigton.com made the decision to take a six-month break from the public side of the industry and retool behind the scenes. The idea for a monthly newspaper to capture the positive stories behind the industry was turned in to a reality with the launch of The Blazing …

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