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The Sixth Annual Washington DOPE Cup – Part One

Originally published on Blazing Seattle.com, May 4, 2017.

Seattle stoners were gifted an amazing free event by Dope Magazine in the form of the annual Washington DOPE Cup.

The event took place in the parking lot of Dockside Cannabis in Sodo.

Vendors, music, video games, awards, food and cannabis lovers came together in unity to support our beloved plant.

Unlimited ammo available from Dockside Cannabis


Blazing Seattle.com stepping up with the high rollers


Secondary VIP tent with a nice spot to get caught blazing, but don’t worry dude on right, we are new and few see this blog


Diego Pellicer


Event is starting to fill up


Old school games getting good use


VR action to be found


Lovely budtenders from Green Lady finding themselves in our blog a second time


DJ taking care of the tunes for the early crowd


Trichome Institute – Denver, Colorado


Interview underway


Amazing apple drink – Happy Apple


Canfinder peps getting photobombed x 3


Time for a break to get ready for music and awards


Join us for the second part of our visit to the 2017 Washington DOPE Cup.


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