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Fall Washington Weed Golf Classic – Echo Falls Golf Club, Snohomish – Part Two

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The Fall Washington Weed Golf Classic was an immense hit with golfers and industry professionals.

On top of an amazing day of friendship and golf, veteran rights group Twenty22Many-Olympia received a generous $2200 to help fight the average of 22 suicide deaths a day of our nation’s veterans.

Time to tee off


Leafly Airstream and crew


G – Wam Oil and Tracy – Washington Weed Golf Classic


Golfers getting a shot with Wam Oil


Wendy with Dope Magazine taking a stroll


Willy making a much-needed visit


Willie’s Reserve Heaven


A Hero’s Promise


Soldiers lost in combat and suicide


Twenty22Many-Olympia and a Hero’s Promise


Virginia Company ready for Halloween


Ivy from Green Vault System


Willie’s crew hitting the course


Tacoma’s Pilot taking flight


Jordan from NW Cannabis Solutions sinking a putt


Awards and food time




Lemon Haze founder inviting industry professionals to the Lemon Haze Convention and Comedy Festival


Ricker presenting the green jackets to the champions


Tracy getting a well-earned vacation for the winter


Congratulations to The Washington Weed Golf Classic and Tracy for such an amazing event.

While there is still a full-final wave of strong gatherings to end the year, it will be a challenge to top this edition of the golf tourney as the industry event of the year.

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  1. What a great event we were honored to be a part of it. Thank you for all the amazing pictures!

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