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Filming of The Dope Show with Lil Nate Dogg

Originally published on Blazing Seattle.com, February 27th, 2017.

Lil Nate Dogg rolled into the area for events and shows throughout the Puget Sound.

After the meet and greet at the Marijuana Depot in Lacey, a lively dedicated group of stoners jumped on the bus to film an episode of The Dope Show.

Levi from Lyon Pride Music in command of the Weed Bus


Lil Nate Dogg performing with Ditch and Kriminal


The bus arriving at the final destination


Levi getting a selfie with some friends


Thrilled to be here, but I’m thinking where the hell are we?


The Dope Show lays out a serious line-up


Ladies from Lyons Pride Music rolling some fatties


The panel is almost ready


Producer of The Dope Show keeping the crew on task


This episode of The Dope Show is under production and will be released in the future.

For the meantime, check out Lil Nate Dogg’s latest video.


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