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Guest City – Portland: NW Cannabis Club

Portland’s marijuana lovers have a special venue to visit at the NW Cannabis Club. Memberships are available for a low cost and give guests use of a huge 50 foot dab bar, volcanoes, vaporizers, E-nails, a huge outdoor deck, pool table, foosball, shuffleboard, comfy couches, live music and much more.

Blazing Washington was lucky enough to be passing through during a week of 420-holiday activities.

NW Cannabis Club


Zig-Zag dude ready for some action


Ammo for joint rolling contest


NW Cannabis Club staff getting ready for a busy night


Downstairs dwellers holding down the basement


Plenty of games to be found


Tons of areas to kick it


Yoda holding court in Star Wars Land


More dabs ready to go from Right Sight Industrial


NW Cannabis Club offers vendors a great venue to get the word out


Talented musician setting an incredibly chill vibe


Support local sponsors!


A session at NW Cannabis Club will bring visitors inner peace


Join Blazing Washington for more articles about Portland and the local 420 scene.

Our stay in Portland will continue until 4/20. After the holiday, we will travel back up to Seattle for extensive coverage of Washington’s 420 industry with holiday stops in Olympia and Tacoma.


NW Cannabis Club

1195 SE Powell Blvd


Mon – Fri: Noon – Midnight

Sun: Noon – 9 PM

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