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Lux Pot Shop – Lake City, Seattle

Originally published on Blazing Seattle.com, March 5th, 2017.

Lux Pot Shop is one of the many cannabis stores that can be found on Lake City Way.

The store is well-stocked with friendly budtenders that give excellent service.

The Lux is one of Blazing Seattle.coms home stores and always happy to make a trip a few times a week.

Can find your weed needs, glass and many other products


Weed-infused beverages


Paintings on display for purchase


Lux Pot Shop and Blazing Seattle.com share the same goals of community, culture, and cannabis


A full menu of the Lake City Lux Pot Shop can be found on their site.

The site also contains interesting information on the history of Lake City.


Lux Pot Shop


10333 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA


M-W: 9am – 11pm
TH-SAT: 9am – 11:45pm
SU: 9am – 11pm

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