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Nena Kapone at the Carco Theatre

Originally published on Blazing Seattle.com, March 21st, 2017.

Tacoma rapper Nena Kapone highlighted an evening of entertainment at the Carco Theatre, in Renton, on March 10th.

The line-up consisted of many local comedians, followed by an inspiring act by Nena and many other rappers.

Blazing Seattle.com first saw Nena Kapone perform at an O.T.D + Kutt Calhoun VIP event in Sumner in late February. She performed an amazing set with fellow Tacoma-area rappers MotaMouth Jones and Abom.

Photos courtesy: DJ Blaze

Nena Kapone at the Carco Theatre


Watch Dat Nena a few times and it will stay in your head forever.


Nena preparing to bust out an explosive set. She performed Dat Nena and a few other of her songs to perfection. During her set, Nena dropped some words-of-wisdom, including living your life to the fullest and going for your dreams.


Collaboration with other artists is common throughout Nena’s work. MotaMouth Jones is a frequent teammate.


Nena Kapone, MotaMouth Jones and Abom performed Wazted Wednesday with over a dozen of their crew joining them on the stage.

Wazted Wednesday is a masterpiece and one must wonder how long before this YouTube video blows up.


Word is passing that Nena Kapone is taking it up a notch, and has signed with a “Big Time Agency”.

One of the music industries most exciting stories can be found in Tacoma, the rise of Nena Kapone’s star is unlimited.

Nena can be found on Facebook.

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