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420 Holiday Visit To Olympia

BlazingWashington.com made a 420 holiday stop in Olympia on the way back from visiting Portland’s NW Cannabis Club.

A quick stop was made at Frankie’s, an Olympia bar that has a cannabis club open for a low-cost membership.

After a visit to four local stores, we caught up with the Lyon Pride Music Cannabus at Greenlady Marijuana.

Quick tour around the capital buildings


Mike Pence look-a-like checking out a 2nd amendment rally


Legendary Frankie’s, liquor in the bottom, cannabis club up top


Rules of the land


Looking forward to returning for a show to do a full article on Frankie’s


Gypsy Greens


A great 420 special has led to the ownership of this 56 joint jar for a mere $42


THC of Olympia


Nice selection waiting 420 holiday consumption



Bud & Leaf    


Well organized joints for sale


Green Lady Olympia


Sunday $40 ounces sound great to me


Lyon Pride Music Cannabus sporting a new look for the 2018 season


Downtown Olympia asking to be explored


Blazing Washington will return for a more extensive visit to Olympia in the near future.

A full night out at Frankie’s, a visit to many more stores and uncovering interesting cannabis related people through interviews seems in order.

Check back in a few months for more Olympia coverage.

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