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Catching Super Troopers 2 From The Cannabus

Broken Lizard ended the long anticipated wait for Super Troopers 2 on 4/20 to delighted stoners and others throughout the world.

The film production gained notoriety for crowd-funding on Indigogo, bringing millions from the loyal Super Trooper fan base.

A small group of Washington cannabis industry professionals climbed aboard the Lyon Pride Music Cannabus to catch the movie.

Loading the bus at The Loose Wheel in Tacoma


Grizzly ready with the THC Champagne


Levi getting the day off from driving and joining the group in back


Almost ready for Super Troopers


One last selfie


Beautiful day by the water


Super Troopers 2 Time



Review by Levi Lyons

This very well could be my favorite movie of the year. I’m already planning on watching it a second time in a theatre as there is so much content that is missed the first time. In addition, many of the one-liners will become classic phrases used in my daily conversations, just like in the original.

I feel our company “LyonPride” couldn’t be any more in sync with the movie.

How ironic is it that our very own Party Bus has the same LyonPride lightning Bolt vehicle wrap that the bus in Super Troopers 2.

Highlights include the rehashing of scenes from the 2001 Super Troopers such as the “Meow” scene.

I was impressed with original casting crew and some great new cast additions.

No matter if you’re cold stone sober or just stoned, you should go watch Super Troopers 2 for a belly-busting, grin-producing experience!


Review by BlazingWashington.com

I saw Super Troopers 2 the day before in Olympia.

I’m not sure if it was the THC champagne, the delicious chocolate edible, the vapor-pen, the joints or if it was that I was with great company, but the second time around the movie was funnier and a much better viewing.

I saw jokes that I first missed and others were much more enhanced the second time.

I’m pumped for a third viewing. I just hope the Cannabus is involved with the experience.

My favorite part of the movie is Farva and his Canadian twin. Farva’s performance in Super Troopers 2 is top-notch, and one must wonder if he will totally dominant Super Troopers 3.

I also loved the Super Trooper’s band Bacon and Crackle and hope to have the opportunity to see them play live one day.

Director Jay Chandrasekhar (Trooper Thorny) has pointed to the fact if Super Troopers 2 is successful, Pot Fest could be on the horizon.

Congratulations to Broken Lizard for making a successful movie and making the leap towards bringing us Pot Fest.


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