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Zoz Launch Party – Cedar Room – Seattle

Zoz, a new brand that evolved from former medical growers, officially launched with a spectacular party at the Cedar Room in Ballard.

The brand has been sponsoring events throughout the region, getting the word out about the companies flower and joints that will be hitting stores throughout Washington in the near future.

Grab a drink token and check out the launch party


A little baby waiting to grow up


Cannabis blogger Kushman Bong Legs with Toasted and Posted grabbing a brew


Miggy420, Neil and a member of the Zoz team


Good Smokin America ready to cover the event


The Northwest Fresh on the rise in the local rap scene


Zoz team all painted up


Mempheattle Smokedawg gearing up for interviews


Ahyna with the Colored Cannabis Collective all smiles after getting her swag bag


Congrats to Zoz for officially launching and throwing such an amazing party.

An incredibly well-planned and executed event, along with solid branding has helped create a buzz around this unique and creative brand.

Keep up with Zoz on Instagram and Facebook.

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